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5887[DhammaStudyGroup]drugs) Re: kusala, akusala, ignorance, wrong view, samatha,samadhi, dogmas, drugs and ex-Christian aunts!

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  • rikpa21@yahoo.com
    Jul 1 5:30 AM
      --- In dhammastudygroup@y..., Robert Kirkpatrick
      <robertkirkpatrick@r...> wrote:

      > This is true. But if we are doing some activity other than
      > understanding whatever is arisen - in the belief that this
      > activity will condition the path - then there is likely to be a
      > subtle or not subtle type of silabataparamasa (clinging to sila
      > and ritual), a type of wrong view. If one has taken some
      > hallucinogen or any drug I don't think we can say this precludes
      > awareness arising BUT if we take it with the idea that this will
      > support the path that is another matter.

      Just like samatha & jhana won't support the path? This is where the
      logic goes out the window. They definitely do act as supports. If
      they didn't the Buddha wouldn't have taught them. And if samatha &
      jhana can act as supports, why not drugs, if they create similar
      conditions? I have yet to see any logical argument against them. The
      only arguments against have so far been founded on conjecture. Not a
      very good basis for drawing sound conclusions.

      It is very important to recall that there are many many strategies
      out there, from the emptiness strategy to the one of watching the
      arising and passing away of dhammas, even koan practice. Very
      different approaches. There is no "one size fits all" approach to the
      Dharma, never has been, never will be. To suggest that drugs,
      samatha, jhana are somehow silabbataparamasa makes no sense at all.
      To say that practices don't support the path makes no sense. In what
      way do they not "support" the path? If they didn't why would the
      Buddha have taught them? To say they don't support the path is to
      get caught in semantics. The danger here is missing the forest for
      the trees, becoming too enamoured of semantics or pedagogies: the
      classic case of mistaking the finger for the moon.
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