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58868Re: A Very Brief Report on My Weekend Meditation "Retreat"

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  • matheesha
    May 4, 2006
      Hi Howard,

      H: 2) I learned that I am well suited to standing meditation.
      It seems to
      > have several advantages for me.

      M: Could you explain a bit more?

      > H: 3) Bhante said several things that I found of interest....

      M: About the whole magga citta phala citta controversy- yugandda
      says - samatha and vipassana is developed - then the path is born. I
      believe this is a special state where one is inevitably lead to phala
      but not immediately. Another sutta (vaguely from my readings, which i
      havent yet seen on the internet) says after seeing the knowledge of
      arising and passing away, nibbida/revulsion is born. After this the
      path is born (then vimukti/release). Then the sutta you quoted also
      suggests that the path and fruit dont happen at the same time.

      I think that the framework elements of panna (tilakkana,DO, 4NTs) are
      understood to varying degrees, and further practice is to develop
      these to greater and greater degrees.


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