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58865Re: [dsg] Re: Cooranites weekend and fruition.

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  • nina van gorkom
    May 4, 2006
      Hi Sarah and Cooranites,
      Perhaps Sarah or Ken H could save a report for me? I can never catch up
      after two weeks with all the posts.

      Now I can just add a text on fruition, but if people have doubts about this
      subject it may not solve the question. It tells us more on the subject of
      Someone who has reached fruition of the sotaapanna, for example, has to
      continue developing understanding so as to reach higher stages. He has to
      become steadied (thiti) in his fruition.
      Pi.taka Disclosure (from which Connie likes to quote), 544. This is about
      someone who has developed samatha and vipassanaa (coupled together,
      'Being steadied (thiti) in the fruit of Strean-Entry, when he further keeps
      quiet and insight in being, and when they occur coupled together, then with
      the abandoning of the greater part of lust for sensual desires and of ill
      will, the noble hearer <becomes a Once-Returner, who having, for the purpose
      of attaining extinction, returned only once to this world, makes an end of
      suffering> (cf. pug. 16). This is the plane of attenuation, and it is the
      fruit of Once-Return. '

      N:It seems to me that the text speaks here about the person who has had
      fruition, but it does not separate magga-citta and phalacitta. No need to
      separate them, since phalacittas are akalika, without delay.

      op 04-05-2006 09:00 schreef sarah abbott op sarahprocterabbott@...:

      > Any special theme this time? Is it an 8-precept weekend this year?
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