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58845Re: A Very Brief Report on My Weekend Meditation "Retreat"

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  • seisen_au
    May 3, 2006
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      Hi Sarah, John, Howard and All,

      Yes I can vaguely recall looking into this issue. My understanding is
      as John pointed out, that in some instances the "'one practicing for
      the realization of stream entry fruition' must refer to a person who
      has not yet attained sotapattimagga citta."


      Ps. Yes I'm here and have been reading and enjoying the posts, but
      have been a little busy to participate. Also looking forward to
      another Dhamma discussion gathering at Cooran this weekend.

      > Metta,
      > Sarah
      > p.s I'll requote the relevant part of the sutta for people to
      > the context of Jon's comments. There were several other detailed
      > passages we looked at too. I vaguely recall Steve being involved in
      > discussions. Was that right Steve? Are you there??
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