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58826Re: [dsg] A Very Brief Report on My Weekend Meditation "Retreat"

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  • upasaka@aol.com
    May 3, 2006
      Hi, Sarah -

      In a message dated 5/3/06 8:26:26 AM Eastern Daylight Time,
      sarahprocterabbott@... writes:

      > Hi Howard, (Steve &all),
      > --- upasaka@... wrote:
      > > 3) Bhante said several things that I found of interest.
      > <...>
      > >The
      > >other matter of interest pertains to the paths and fruits. He does NOT
      > >consider
      > >path consciousness to be immediately followed by fruition consciousness,
      > >and
      > >what he points to as evidence is the talk of "the 8 persons" in several
      > >suttas,
      > >and very specifically to the Dakkhinavibhanga Sutta of the Majhima
      > >Nikaya
      > >which talks about making offerings to the 8 persons. (It is kind of
      > >difficult, was
      > >his point, to make an offering to a person of a type who will be such a
      > >person for only a millionth of a second - for example, a person who has
      > >achieved
      > >stream entry path but not yet stream entry fruit!)
      > ....
      > S: These suttas are not easy to understand and we discussed this same one
      > and other similar ones in some detail a while back with Michael B and
      > others. He may have also spent time with Ven Gunaratana (or that may have
      > been someone else).
      > I can't quickly find some of the detailed posts I have in mind, but here's
      > one from Michael in support of this point, quoting the same sutta (after
      > quoting other texts which clearly indicate the phala cittas immediately
      > succeed the magga citta) and Jon's reply. Please see if it makes sense to
      > you:
      I don't wish to argue this point, Sarah. My impression is that of
      contortions being made to support a pet perspective. Sorry. :-)

      With metta,

      /Thus is how ye shall see all this fleeting world: A star at dawn, a bubble
      in a stream, a flash of lightning in a summer cloud, a flickering lamp, a
      phantom, and a dream./            (From the Diamond Sutra)

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