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58684Re: [dsg] A Very Brief Report on My Weekend Meditation "Retreat"

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  • nina van gorkom
    May 1, 2006
      Hi Howard,
      thanks for your report. There are a few problems. Fruition-consciousness is
      vipaakacitta and it does not eradicate any defilement. Ven. Bhikkhu says
      doubt and self view are uprooted later on, but only magga-citta eradicates.
      This is strange, because there are no other maggacirras arising before
      op 01-05-2006 04:43 schreef upasaka@... op upasaka@...:

      > Bhante went into detail about the practicing for fruitions. For
      > example, stream entry is marked by belief in efficacy of rite and ritual being
      > uprooted, then further practice, typically over a long period of time, leads
      > to
      > eventual uprooting of skeptical doubt, and then finally self view is uprooted,
      > at
      > which point is attained the fruition of stream entry.
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