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56204Re: [dsg] Re: ‘Cetasikas' study corner 385- Different Groups of Defilements Part 3 (i)

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  • sarah abbott
    Mar 1, 2006
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      Dear Han & Tep,

      --- han tun <hantun1@...> wrote:

      > Therefore your understanding that “when any hindrance
      > arises there also arises ignorance, and since ditthi
      > is a taint (kilesa), ignorance also closely follows a
      > ditthi” has flaws.
      > Well, that is my comments. I do not know what Sarah
      > has to say.
      S: I think you have both made many excellent comments and as usual, Tep
      added some very helpful textual quotes.

      I think that no matter how the defilements (kilesa) are listed or
      categorised, they refer to the same lobha, dosa and moha. As Tep writes
      here, 'when any hindrance arises there also arises ignorance'. We know
      that ignorance always accompanies any akusala of any kind. It is blind at
      that moment to the harm of akusala. It also accompanies moments of ditthi
      (wrong view). Moha is ignorant at that moment of the truth and ditthi has
      wrong view about it.

      Thanks again for your detailed input which I plan to print out and read
      more carefully later.

      It's good to see you around again, Tep, with your helpful sutta quotes and
      considered comments.

      Han, I'm glad you have a copy of 'Survey' and I'm sure everyone here will
      be interested to hear about your discussions with A.Sujin on Saturday. I
      know she'll be very glad to meet you too.


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