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54336Re: Accumulation & Inclined to akusala? (Was:[dsg] Re: Right Livelihood of the NEP

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  • Jonothan Abbott
    Jan 5, 2006
      Hi Joop

      Joop wrote:

      >Hallo Jon
      >I prefer not to repeat myself and not discuss linguistic
      >Waiting for your separately message on "the accumulations point" I
      >will make one remark
      >Jon: "Nevertheless, the particular sequence of:
      >(1) inclination/intention to do akusala, followed by
      >(2) kusala resolution not to do so
      >is one that everyone is familiar with, I'm sure. How would you
      >describe it?"
      >Joop: You have explained that "inclination" in your vocubalaire
      >means "intention" and not - what I thought - something semi-permanent
      >as "tendency" and so has nothing to do with 'accumulations". In that
      >case I have only one problem: There is no need to use to two-step-
      >sequende, I prefer one step: Intention to do kusala.
      >So I am not everyone.

      It could also be stated in a 'one-step' formulation as 'the kusala
      resolution to refrain from akusala about to be done' (this also avoids
      the double-negative). As I said before, there is scope for the manner
      of expression.

      In the texts the different kinds of kusala are frequently treated
      separately, and it is sometimes useful to have terminology that
      distinguishes one kind from the others (the classic 3-fold division used
      in the suttas is dana, sila and bhavana).

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