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53016[dsg] Re: Directed and Undirected Meditation jhana

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  • kenhowardau
    Dec 1, 2005
      Hi James,

      Ken H to Howard: > > I think we have agreed in the past that many
      ariyans attained
      > by bare insight. In other words, jhana was NOT an aspect -
      > or otherwise - of their 'move towards awakening.'
      > .................

      J: > Didn't Bhikkhu Bodhi write an aricle to this group about how a
      person can become a sotapanna without jhana but that some level of
      jhana is required for the attainments of once-returner, non-
      returner, and arahant?

      He wrote an article but I don't remember if it was specifically to
      this group. Sarah posted it in instalments and Rob M reposted it a
      couple of months ago. I'm not sure, but as I remember the article,
      the commentaries say that all stages of attainment are possible
      without mundane jhana, but B. Bodhi disagrees. According to his
      reading of the suttas, the stage of arahantship is the exception.

      Ken H
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