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  • Jonothan Abbott
    Apr 30, 2001
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      --- upasaka@... wrote: > Hi, Jon (and Erik, and
      all) -
      > ==================================
      > It seems to me that in the material of Erik's
      > which I quote below, the
      > intention is metaphorical, so that it is not that
      > the black deeds themselves
      > are literally transformed into wisdom and
      > liberation, but that a powerful mix
      > of right mindfulness, concentration, and effort
      > serves to uproot defilements
      > which are the kammic traces of akusala intentions
      > and actions (the black
      > deeds), leading to diamond-like wisdom and
      > liberation. Incidentally, when
      > Goenka describes the progress of vipassana
      > meditation, he describes it as a
      > process of uprooting layers and layers of reactive
      > dispositions/inclinations
      > (sankhara), of kammic traces, leading to the
      > uprooting of the very deepest
      > ones, followed by the attainment of insight and
      > liberation - not so very
      > different, I think, except for the use of
      > metaphorical, poetic language vs
      > more straightforward language, so that the
      > "consuming" of akusala kamma by a
      > purificatory alchemical fire becomes, in more
      > pedestrian speech, the
      > uprooting of kammic traces and the destruction of
      > defilements in the oven of
      > mindfulness (and other insight factors). What Erik
      > wrote was:
      > > ... tossed into a purificatory alchemical fire
      > where
      > > akusala kamma is
      > > consumed, and black deeds are transformed by panna
      > > into the purest
      > > and most indestructible substance known to man.
      > With metta,
      > Howard


      Thanks for these useful comments. Something can sound
      appealing when expressed in poetic or metaphorical
      terms, but sometimes one needs to consider it in
      suttanta or abhidhamma terms in order to properly
      evaluate it.

      Certainly, panna of the satipatthana kind when
      developed will lead to the uprooting of defilements.
      But the panna arising with samatha can never do more
      than temproarily subdue kilesa. There is much
      textual/commentarial support for the latter
      proposition, i believe. So it is necessary to
      understand exactly what is supposed to be going on in
      Erik's model. [Hasty disclaimer here: I have nothing
      against samatha!! Or any other kind of kusala!]


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