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49535‘Cetasikas' study corner 262- Attachment/lobha (o)

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  • sarah abbott
    Sep 1, 2005
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      Dear Friends,

      'Cetasikas' by Nina van Gorkom


      Questions, comments and different views welcome;-)
      [Ch15- Attachment (lobha) contd]

      The sotåpanna ( the streamwinner, who has attained the first
      stage of enlightenment) has eradicated clinging which is
      accompanied by wrong view, but the other forms of clinging may
      still arise. The anågåmí (the non-returner, who has attained the
      third stage of enlightenment) has eradicated all forms of sensuous
      clinging, but he still clings to birth. He may cling to rúpa-jhåna
      and its result and to arúpa-jhåna and its result. He has no “eternity
      view” because he is without wrong view. The arahat has eradicated
      all kinds of clinging, he does not cling to any kind of rebirth. For
      him there are no longer conditions for rebirth.

      When there is mindfulness of the present object more often, we
      will see more clearly how deep-rooted our clinging is. We can
      prove in this way that the Abhidhamma teaches about realities.
      We will learn that there is clinging to all the objects which are
      experienced through the six doors.
      [Attachment (lobha) to be contd]


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