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41667Re: [dsg] Re: Q. Pilgrimage India , metta.

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  • Nina van Gorkom
    Feb 2, 2005
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      Dear Sarah,
      op 01-02-2005 10:17 schreef sarah abbott op sarahprocterabbott@...:
      > In the Gangtok garden discussion I mentioned last time, just this point
      > came up. Nina, I think it was, mentioned the difficulties we’d all
      > experienced and chatted about while we were sitting on long bus rides.
      > K.Sujin just interrupted and asked:what about now?’.
      N: I like your observations.
      S: We have to become more and more detached from places, people, special
      > routines and so on as being more suitable too, otherwise there will never
      > be the development of awareness and understanding of present realities.
      > It reminds me of an occasion a while back when I started to ask K.Sujin
      > about developing metta. She just jumped in before the question was
      > finished with clinging to self’. It was the best bitter medicine at the
      > time. She meant that just by asking the question, it was apparent that it
      > was motivated by attachment and she was right of course.
      N: We want the self to be so good. But I would like to add something for
      those who do not know Kh Sujin: she wrote books on Metta (being the foot of
      the world), on the ten bases of wholesome deeds, on the perfections. Some
      peop[le may htink that she does not encourage kusala.
      She said to me: if you do not think of yourself you are more attentive to
      others. True we cling less to our own comfort, are not lazy to help others.
      This needs a degree of renunciation.

      S: She also stressed at this time about developing wise attention of
      > object and other realities. Viriya (right effort) is there already.
      N: Here we have it again, should manasikara cetasika be developed or kusala
      citta with paññaa?
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