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37927Re: Phil: intelligent act of dana

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  • buddhatrue
    Nov 1, 2004
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      Friend Ken H.,

      LOL! You missed the entire point of my post! You took it apart,
      examined little pieces, and then came to silly conclusions regarding
      those pieces. Try looking at the whole post and don't automatically
      try to dissect it looking for ways to twist the meaning around. The
      point is that an `absolute reality' view of the world, while
      excluding conventional reality, is a distorted view.

      Ken H.: That is not the view I was suffering from. I made no
      suggestion that
      > people, politics, causes and ideas, didn't matter. In a moment
      > nama or rupa, is being wisely considered, there is no thought of
      > something else. However, when consciousness does entertain a
      > of something else (people or other concepts) it remains important
      > that there is kindness rather than unkindness, detachment rather
      > than attachment and wisdom rather than ignorance.

      James: This is a very slippery, non-answer. I think I know what you
      are getting at but you seem to be hedging your bets.

      Ken H.: Hmm. Do you see the problem sneaking in? He saw it as "MY"
      rock certain opinion, not as "the Buddha's or the ariyans'" rock
      certain opinion. Who did he think he was kidding?

      James: LOL! That was not the problem! Geez! The problem was that
      he rejected conventional reality even though the Buddha usually
      taught in terms of conventional reality (BTW, the Buddha didn't
      teach the AbhidhammaÂ…I suggest you repeat that to yourself every
      morning and night fifty times until you start to get it! ;-)

      Ken H.: He had grasped the Dhamma in an unskilful way, which is like
      grasping a snake in an unskilful way. I'm glad he came to his senses
      before any serious harm was done.

      James: Yes, I'm glad that he came to his sense also. Now, when are
      you going to?? Really, I only tell you this for your benefit. It
      pains me to see you trapped in this `Buddhist Twilight Zone' where
      you have put yourself.

      Metta, James
      ps. I predict that you are going to respond with another post
      twisting this one all around also. I won't respond to that one. I
      will let you have the last word.
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