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37215Re: [dsg] cause of impermanence: To Htoo, Nina, Rob K

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  • nina van gorkom
    Oct 3, 2004
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      Dear Htoo,
      Very clear, thank you.
      But ruupajhana can take different objects, we have to study Larry's post
      about the subjects. I was actually wondering about the arupajhaanas.
      When we read in the Suttas: right concentration, this includes not only
      right concentration of Noble Eightfold Path, but also right concentration
      of samatha. Therefore, we have to be very careful about the context.
      op 03-10-2004 00:38 schreef htootintnaing op htootintnaing@...:

      > So the 4th jhana itself is just a lokiya samma-samadhi. It is not one
      > of the Noble Eightfold Path.
      > The reason that I raise the question is to highlight that loki jhanas
      > are not samma-samadhi of Noble Eightfold Path.
      > And the other reason is that to help people judge on the statement
      > that 'jhanas are necessary for development of vipassana panna and
      > attainment of arahatta magga nana.'
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