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37213Re: cause of impermanence: To Htoo, Nina, Rob K/Herman

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  • Egbert
    Oct 3, 2004
      Hi Christine,

      Thanks for clarifying. You are quite right, there's no harm in a bit
      of research before launching into another probing exercise.

      Just between you, me and the gate post, I doubt I'll ever get this
      panatti business.

      My thoughts are with you and with Rusty, I am imagining your
      tiredness, but I'm sure it will be worse :-). Huge thunderstorm in
      progress here.

      Thanks for your kindness, Christine, now and in the past


      --- In dhammastudygroup@yahoogroups.com, "christine_forsyth"
      <cforsyth1@b...> wrote:
      > Hello Herman,
      > Clearly I find things of benefit in your posts or I wouldn't be
      > reading them. My suggestion was meant to be a preliminary
      > and clarifying process, and, then, if there were still points
      > were unclear, to tackle them in discussion. Clearly different
      > methods appeal to different accumulations. Probably projecting
      > methods onto you ... Apologies if I sounded 'short' - it wasn't
      > meant that way.
      > Rusty is O.K. I suppose - hard to tell with phenobarbitone and
      > prednisolone twice a day - tends to dampen the personality. Very
      > tired owner, having to be on 'seizure watch'.
      > metta and peace,
      > Christine
      > ---The trouble is that you think you have time---
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