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35007Re: what I heard, Q. no 2.

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  • nidive
    Aug 1, 2004
      Hi RobertK,

      > Is there a method by which sati can be aware of realities
      > appearing through the eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body and mind? How
      > can sati arise fast enough in order to be aware of the present
      > moment?
      > Sujin: There is no method which can be followed, but at this moment
      > realities are appearing already.

      I do not understand why Sujin says that there is no method that can be
      followed. I don't remember any sutta where the Buddha says that there
      is no method that can be followed to attain enlightenment. It is
      almost heretic.

      > Are you saying that the quote from Khun sujin suggests she is the
      > one who is fulfilling the peg sutta?

      I feel somewhat that way.

      I think Sujin over-emphasises on momentary sati. And I think her level
      of sati is more on the conceptual side. She thinks that by having more
      intellectual understanding of "ultimate realities", her sati is
      notched up by another level, which I think is kind of self-deluding.

      Swee Boon
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