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3445Re: [DhammaStudyGroup] Re: what can citta know?

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  • m. nease
    Feb 14, 2001
      Dear Sarah,

      --- Sarah Procter Abbott <sarahdhhk@...>

      > Dear Mike,

      > While we wait for Num to return from South America,
      > may I chip in?
      > >
      > > Yes, and the Vacchagotta is particuarly
      > interesting
      > > as
      > > an example of the Buddha directly teaching right
      > > view
      > > to a layperson with no reference to any kind of
      > > bhavana:

      > Have I misunderstood you?
      > Regards,
      > Sarah

      Well, yes, but my fault for poor use of Pali (as
      usual). I used 'bhavana' to try to get around
      objections to the use of 'meditation' in the sense of
      formal meditation. Clearly, vipassana bhavana is what
      is meant.



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