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3412Re: [DhammaStudyGroup] Re: what can citta know?

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  • m. nease
    Feb 12, 2001
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      Dear Num,

      Catching up again! You sent this a long time ago, and
      I'm not sure I ever thanked you for it. I've been
      familiar with both of these for a long time, but your
      reminder was very welcome:

      --- Srnsk@... wrote:

      > Malunkyaputta sutta: Majjhima Nikaya 63,
      > Vacchagotta sutta: Majjhima Nikaya 72.
      > The way the Buddha answered the questions is very
      > fascinating.

      Yes, and the Vacchagotta is particuarly interesting as
      an example of the Buddha directly teaching right view
      to a layperson with no reference to any kind of


      Thanks again.


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