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  • TGrand458@aol.com
    May 1, 2004
      In a message dated 5/1/2004 3:25:06 PM Pacific Standard Time,
      rob.moult@... writes:
      Everything arises because of multiple conditions. We can say that the
      conditions that contributed to the arising of the tree include (among
      - sun
      - rain
      - soil
      - seed
      Hi Rob M.

      I agree and when you take this reasoning to its full conclusion, it can be
      said that everything in the universe is a supporting condition to some extent or
      another for everything experienced.

      The below (bottom) commentarial statement is interesting in that I don't
      remember a single sutta where the Buddha takes about 4 conditions for sense
      experience contact. Its always 3 conditions. In at least one sutta, the Buddha
      talks about "dyads" being responsible for the arising of sensory consciousness.
      The eye and visible object, the ear and audible object, etc., being the dyads
      expounded by the Buddha. (Connected Discourses of the Buddha, Pg. 1172)

      Its seems to me that those compiling the commentaries probably realized that
      there was an error of not incorporating "light" as a chief factor in visible
      consciousness. I suspect the error came earlier when it was perhaps assumed
      that "visible objects" were something other than light. (In the olden days,
      people more likely thought that vision "reached out" with some sort of "vision
      rays" to the object.)

      I believe some commentaries state that smells, tastes, and tangibles actually
      "touch" the sense bases, while visible objects and audible objects do not.
      This is total non-sense as far as I'm concerned.

      Sensory consciousness can only arises when sensory objects/energies contact
      the sense organs. In actuality, a chair in the distance cannot be seen;
      rather, it is revealed by light as the light reflects off of it. In terms of our
      everyday experiences this is probably a near meaningless distinction. In terms
      of understanding conditional relations this may be very important for some

      Commentarial Quote...

      For eye consciousness to arise, the following conditions are required:
      - Eye sensitivity (eye has to work, not blind)
      - Visible object
      - Light
      - Attention


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