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  • TGrand458@aol.com
    May 1, 2004
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      In a message dated 5/1/2004 3:35:22 AM Pacific Standard Time,
      rob.moult@... writes:
      I was refering to a pixel, not a photon.

      According to the commentary, the following are the necessary
      conditions for sense consciousness to arise:
      - Eye sensitivity (eye has to work, not blind)
      - Visible object
      - Light
      - Attention

      In other words, photons (light) are necessary for eye consciousness,
      but they are different from visible object.

      Rob M :-)
      Hi Rob

      Understand what you mean. That makes sense and I can basically agree with
      it. However, I will maintain that light is still technically the visible
      object. I think the commentary is a little wrong.

      The forms that light bounces off and become perceivable thereby, would be
      analogous to a mountain side that reflects sounds as an echo. I'm not sure
      anyone would claim that a mountain side is an "audible object." (To some extent
      both forms would be supporting factors.)

      The sun is primarily the "visible object" that we experience. Even fires we
      may burn or light bulbs we might electrify are derivitives that were primarily
      fueled by the electro-magnetic energy of the sun. I.E., it took solar energy
      to grow the trees, to elevate water whereby dams and generators could produce
      electricity, to support the dinosaurs that who's oil we now convert into
      energy, etc.

      When a light bulb is "burning," the visible object is the light emmiting from
      the filiment. The walls, chairs, tables, etc. are not "themselves" visible.
      They only echo light into shapes/colors whereby we interpret what those
      shapes and colors mean.


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