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30111Re: [dsg] Re: The Origin of Namarupa: From the Sammmaditthi Sutta

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  • Jonothan Abbott
    Feb 15, 2004
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      Rob M

      --- robmoult <rob.moult@...> wrote: > Hi Michael,
      > You might be interested in knowing that the concept of ultimate
      > realities is not explicity included as part of the original
      > Abhidhamma texts. The explicit focus on paramattha dhammas came at
      > a
      > later stage. In other words, "ultimate realities" is not explicitly
      > discussed in the Suttas or the Abhidhamma. By anybody's definition,
      > it is not the word of the Buddha.

      Would you mind expanding on this. Certainly, as I understand it, the
      Abhidhamma texts deal extensively with 'dhammas/realities' (citta,
      cetasika, rupa and nibbana), in contradistinction to concepts. What
      is it about the concept of 'ultimate realities' that is not found in
      the main works of the Abhidhamma pitaka, as you see it?


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