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27558Re: [dsg] How To Get Through The Samsara ( 02 )

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  • htootintnaing
    Dec 1, 2003
      Dear Sarah,

      Thanks for your kind reply and showing interest in my posts. I am
      trying to present clear account in all possible way.

      --- In dhammastudygroup@yahoogroups.com, Sarah <sarahdhhk@y...> wrote:
      > Dear Htoo & All,
      > I greatly enjoy your series on Cetasikas -

      Sarah : In paramatha dhamma terms, what do you mean here by choice
      and who does the choosing? Are these conditioned realities too?

      Thank you again for all your other helpful posts,



      Htoo :

      Dear Sarah, I would answer indirectly.

      A baby was adopted by a couple who do not have even a child. He was
      brought up in their home. He called them as ' Pa Pa ' ( Dad ), and '
      Ma Ma ' ( Mom ). He really thought that they were his blood-related
      parents. But once he was told that his current care givers who were
      behaving as if they were his parents were actually not of his. Due to
      this information given by a neighbour, the child realized that they
      were not his parent ( not his father and his mother ). But he loved
      them as they brought them up. So he continued using the word ' Pa
      Pa ' ( Dad ) and ' Ma Ma ' ( Mom ) even though he knew that they were

      There is no ' who ' in Paramattha Dhamma. The choice I used was just
      a word. If that choice arises, it is actually arising of Adhimokkha
      Cetasika. It is an ultimate reality.
      >p.s. Thank you for posting your comprehensive Pali glossary. When we
      were recently in Myanmar, our Myanmar friends took a little time to
      get used to our pronunciation of Pali terms and vice versa as both
      Thai and Burmese have their own pronunciations of some sounds which
      are different from the Sinhalese. Looking at your glossary, I esp.
      notice the difference for these consonants - ?c? which you pronounce ?
      s?, ?j? as ?z?, ?th? as ?ht?
      [as in your name;-)], ?v? as ?w? [common in thai too], ?s? as ?th?, ?
      v? as
      ?b?. Thank you.
      Htoo Naing :

      P.S : There are international phonetic symbols. We can see the
      symbols. But the actual sounds will need an audio version of data. I
      am not good at phonetic. But I can pronounce nearly accurately some
      difficult sounds.
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