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233[DhammaStudyGroup] Re: DSDG

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  • aweller@zolag.co.uk
    Mar 29, 2000
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      >acutually there are a lot of excellent tapes in English w/K.Sujin- I have
      >found them invaluable. Alan has been distributing copies through the 'Triple
      >Gem Press' and I presume is still doing this. I suggest you contact him to
      >get copies.
      >p.s. Robert or Rosan, I'm just wondering if Alan is o.k. as we haven't heard
      >from him here for ages & he hasn't reponded to qus which is so unlike
      >him....let me know if you're in touch w/him! Hopefully just busy w/babies
      >and work!>

      Sarah, Hi I'm still alive, but having big problems with my computer which
      has already been to the repairers once and is still not okay. I am not
      distributing the tapes anymore as the copying was just too awkward, but I
      am sending Mike a few of my own tapes.
      Can you send me an e-mail with the details of this discussion group and I
      can just put the details straight on my web site?

      Best wishes, Alan
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