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23241Re: [dsg] Inquiry to Nina... for Victor

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  • gazita2002
    Jul 2 1:10 AM
      --- In dhammastudygroup@yahoogroups.com, "yu_zhonghao"
      <yu_zhonghao@y...> wrote:
      > Hi Azita,
      > -snip-
      > Calm and peacefulness are wholesome, skillful qualities that one
      > see for oneself.

      Dear Victor,
      I'm not as certain as you that calm and peacefulness are
      necessarily wholesome, they can be but unless there is the wisdom to
      really know at the time, they can also be unwholesome, just subtle
      pleasant feeling, lobha.

      > Regarding 'wrong practice', what 'wrong practice' are you refering
      > to?
      In relation to what I've just previously stated, I believe that
      unless Panna is developed to the stage of knowing what is right and
      wrong practice, then there always is the danger of taking akusala for
      kusala. For example, if during meditation, I feel really calm and
      peaceful, I don't know for sure if that's the calm of samatha or just
      good ole' Lobha. Now, if Panna arose then Panna would know. I'll
      bet its good ole Lobha.

      > And regarding the question: why can't Nibbana be object of clinging?
      > I would reply with a rhetorical question:
      > How can an object of clinging, fabricated, impermanent, dukkha, be
      > the cessation of dukkha, unborn, unmade, unfabricated, unbecome?
      > Your comment is appreciated.
      > Peace,
      > Victor
      I had to think hard about this one, Victor. You are saying that
      an object that is clung to cannot be the cessation of clinging, right?
      I agree bec. Nibbana can only be experienced by wholesome cetasikas,
      but afterwards when there is thinking about Nibbana, can it not then
      be 'desired'? Can it not then be an object of clinging?
      Looking forward to your, or anyone's, comment on this.
      patience, courage and good cheer,
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