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231[DhammaStudyGroup] Re: DSDG

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  • Sarah Procter Abbott
    Mar 29, 2000
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      I mostly agree. In addition I would comment that the more understanding
      there is of abhidhamma, the more one realises it's not about lists and
      memorising but about seeing now, not self, vipaka citta, about hearing
      etc...as you say, about citta, cetasika and rupa which can be experienced at
      this moment. This is abhidhamma, and when we say we need an understanding
      of abhidhamma in order to read the suttas or to understand them at least, it
      is understanding the conditioned nature of the different realities we refer
      to and understanding the difference between concepts and realities.

      Thus, whenever I listen to k.Sujin, whatever realities she is discussing,
      she is addressing abhidhamma very directly.

      As you said in yr earlier message, it depends on accumulations what
      questions arise or what theoretical knowledge is needed. Other factors such
      as the cultural background or age will also affect what is aapropriate to
      read or hear, but we've discussed that before.

      I do howver think, that unlike some of those who had the good fortune to be
      born at the time of the Buddha (so much accumulated wisdom from previous
      lives), we all need to hear, read and consider A LOT!


      >I agree completely. They might not seem to be addressing the abhidhamma
      >directly, but what is the dhamma if not about realities, about our beings,
      >about the world in which we live? K. S. is not only the greatest teacher I
      >know of the abhidhamma, but she can relate that to the ralities of each
      >moment of our lives in an unrefutable manner, for, as she says, what is
      >there in the world right now but citta, cetasika and rupa? They will not
      >only explain pali terms to you but teach you about life itself.

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