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230[DhammaStudyGroup] Re: DSDG

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  • amara chay
    Mar 28, 2000
      >acutually there are a lot of excellent tapes in English w/K.Sujin- I have
      >found them invaluable. Alan has been distributing copies through the
      >'Triple Gem Press' and I presume is still doing this. I suggest you contact
      >him to get copies.

      I agree completely. They might not seem to be addressing the abhidhamma
      directly, but what is the dhamma if not about realities, about our beings,
      about the world in which we live? K. S. is not only the greatest teacher I
      know of the abhidhamma, but she can relate that to the ralities of each
      moment of our lives in an unrefutable manner, for, as she says, what is
      there in the world right now but citta, cetasika and rupa? They will not
      only explain pali terms to you but teach you about life itself.

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