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  • Sarah Procter Abbott
    Mar 28, 2000
      acutually there are a lot of excellent tapes in English w/K.Sujin- I have
      found them invaluable. Alan has been distributing copies through the 'Triple
      Gem Press' and I presume is still doing this. I suggest you contact him to
      get copies.


      p.s. Robert or Rosan, I'm just wondering if Alan is o.k. as we haven't heard
      from him here for ages & he hasn't reponded to qus which is so unlike
      him....let me know if you're in touch w/him! Hopefully just busy w/babies
      and work!>
      >Dear Amara,
      >I am interested in getting a tape of one or more of Sujin
      >Boriharnwanaket's Dhamma talks. How can I order them? Is there a
      >catalog? If not, perhaps the one referred to by Jonothon would be a
      >good place to start.
      >PS. I was so impressed by the excerpt from "Realities and Concepts"
      >that Robert shared with us that I put it on my website under Abhidhamma
      >Resources and linked to the DS Advanced page for more of her writings.
      >I am glad that I found this list and the rich resources that are
      >available here through those of you who are so willing and eager to
      >share the Dhamma. Thank you!
      >"amara chay" <joycha-@...> wrote:
      >original article:http://www.egroups.com/group/dhammastudygroup/?start=1
      > > (I would also like to
      > > >order a
      > > >copy of the tape when it becomes available, if possible.)
      > > Jonothan,
      > > I will be getting my copy tomorrow, will make you one and send it to
      > > myself.
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