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22758Re: [dsg] Re: Anatta Precepts

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  • Sarah
    Jun 9, 2003
      Hi Chris, (RobK and All)

      --- christine_forsyth <cforsyth@...> wrote:> Funny what gaps
      there are even in the little intellectual
      > understanding I think I have - I had come to think that no control =
      > no choices whatsoever. I'm much more comfortable now that I see
      > there are choices, though these are conditioned.
      Just after the passage quoted to Dave, I thought the next part was
      relevant to this thread:
      Q.: What do you mean by understanding seeing as only a reality?

      A. (A.Sujin): One begins to understand that there is not my seeing which
      can stay on and which is so important. The idea of self cannot be
      eradicated immediately, but one begins to see that there are realities
      appearing one at a time. One begins to understand that seeing or visible
      object can only arise when there are conditions for their arising and that
      one cannot control them. Realities are beyond control, they cannot arise
      because of anyone’s wish. Also awareness and understanding are realities
      which can only arise when there are the right conditions, they are beyond
      control. Beyond control is another way of saying that there is “only a
      reality”. The realities of our life are momentary and insignificant.
      They arise and then disappear forever.”

      with metta,


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