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22597Re: Precepts

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  • kenhowardau
    Jun 2, 2003
      Hi RobM,

      > The Buddha very often gave exhortations using
      > conventional terms:
      > - "Strive on with diligence"
      > - "Avoid evil, do good, purify the mind"

      I realise that your advice to Christine was meant to be
      read in the light of anatta. It goes without saying that
      you would never suggest there is a self who can 'try to
      overcome akusala tendencies.'

      What I am not clear about is the particular significance
      you see in the Buddha's use of conventional terminology.

      Are you suggesting that a conventional approach to
      'striving with diligence' can have some efficacy in
      attaining the Eight-fold Path?

      That question is not meant to be patronising or
      rhetorical -- there are dsg members who believe exactly
      that. Some say that worldlings should not concern
      themselves with anatta; it will become clear when the
      final goal is reached.

      On the other hand, there are members who remind us that
      'striving with diligence' refers purely to cetasikas --
      because in the Buddha's explanation of reality, there are
      only namas and rupas.

      Dare I suggest that your advice to Christine betrayed a
      slight 'slipping back' into conventional ways? Were you
      not momentarily forgetting that Christine, just
      like 'chariot,' 'living being' was a mere designation?

      Kind regards,
      Ken H
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