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  • kenhowardau
    Jun 1, 2003
      Hi Christine,

      > "How are we to
      > live an 'examined life if there is no-self, no-control?'
      > Even 'listening to the true dhamma, reflecting ... discussing with
      > Admirable friends ... and practising in accordance with the true
      > Dhamma, seems to imply 'someone' who can have 'some control'
      and 'the
      > ability to choose, plan and do' to some extent."

      I appreciate your concern but, unfortunately, I don't
      think we can allow you even that!

      I'm thinking of the marionette metaphor which explains
      that dhammas create the impression of having interest (concern),
      but really there is no interest there -- all dhammas are
      impersonal -- without self -- anatta.

      So, there is no control over, and no interest in, whether
      we are going to sit on a cushion or whether we will plan,
      arrange, attend Dhamma discussions -- or whether we will
      go to the pub. There is an overwhelming impression of
      interest but that's as far as it goes. Sorry :-)

      Kind regards,
      Ken H
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