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  • amara chay
    Mar 26, 2000
      >I am interested in getting a tape of one or more of Sujin
      >Boriharnwanaket's Dhamma talks. How can I order them? Is there a
      >catalog? If not, perhaps the one referred to by Jonothon would be a
      >good place to start.

      >PS. I was so impressed by the excerpt from "Realities and Concepts"
      >that Robert shared with us that I put it on my website under Abhidhamma
      >Resources and linked to the DS Advanced page for more of her writings.
      >I am glad that I found this list and the rich resources that are
      >available here through those of you who are so willing and eager to
      >share the Dhamma. Thank you!


      Anumodana with your kusala cetana. When we started the website we thought
      that even if only one person would profit from it in any way, it would
      already be worth all our effort, so in a way you have already fulfilled part
      of our aim. The other part is to digitize all books ever published by the
      foundation and make them available on the site,
      as well as provide the vocal recordings on line, the latter of which is
      still being studied. The third aim is precisely what you were asking about,
      books and tapes for purchase, though the lists are still being prepared with
      some difficulty because of some internal rules of the foundation, I regret
      to say. I'm sorry we sound so disorganized, but personally I only handle
      the web side of it!

      The tape Jonothan got was in Thai, none of Khun Sujin's (as we call her here
      at DSDG) tapes have been translated yet to my knowledge (there are
      thousands, from which the materials for her books were taken) although
      Jonothan and Robert might be able to get you some tapes where she was
      speaking in English, mostly in discussions they or their friends had with
      her. Nina van Gorkom might also be able to provide you with some English
      tapes. But generally I think the deeper teachings on the Abhidhamma were in

      If you have time, I would really recommend you take Robert's advice and join
      some of the discussions she will be attending in America, and ask her
      whatever you want, she enjoys questions about the dhamma more than anything
      and I myself have never met anyone who could answer my questions with, as
      you observed in so short a time, such clarity and precision. She was born
      to be a teacher of the dhamma, (which is such an intricate and complex
      affair that the Buddha almost decided against teaching it at all,
      remember?), has been tirelessly teaching it for over forty years, nearly
      half a century, and in my opinion, any chance to listen to her in person
      should not be missed. And take a amall recorder, everyone wants to record
      her wonderful voice themselves, and no one will stop you from doing so, they
      will rather encourage you to! You will find that she is a lovely person in
      person, as well as an incomparable teacher. She makes learning a pleasure,
      at least for me!

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