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206[DhammaStudyGroup] Re: Helping elderly parents

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  • Jonothan Abbott
    Mar 24, 2000
      >Our limits and our successes and failures are just thinking (a story), due
      >to the rising and falling away of cita/cetasika. Every moment has its
      >characteristic that can be known and the story that they are creating
      >distracts from knowing the moment for what it is. If the moments of dosa
      >lobha etc. do not arise, then how can there be contemplation and eventual
      >understanding of their characteristics? The stories that cita/cetasiaka
      >create can be confusing, the characteristics of each moment are not. Is
      >answer found in manipulating the story to make it different from what it is
      >or understand the moments ( kusala or akusala) that create the story?

      I agree. And I think that thinking in terms of success or failure has in
      particular a large element of mana to it ie, a particlar type of lobha
      citta. Otherwise the association with/lack of association with the desired
      would be just that and the 'story' would be so much less.

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