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16036Re: [dsg] not new but here again.

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  • Sarah
    Oct 2, 2002
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      Hi Derick,

      --- wink_1000 <d.winkworth@...> wrote: > Hello all.
      > I used to be here on the list, and then I went away and now I am back
      > again. This time I managed to join the group without first insulting
      > it on other e-mail lists. So I've made progress! :-)
      > Anyway. I'm looking forward to your posts.
      Thanks for letting us know. Very glad to see you back too - hope this time
      you don't get 'blown away' by all the ‘hardcore’ dhamma;-)

      For those who are new of don’t remember you, I’ve retrieved your intro
      (hope you don’t mind):

      You also wrote the following post which I really liked - and the questions
      were very much to the point. Rob M will find the last paragraph of
      particular interest as he’s expressed just the same sentiments about the
      DSG homepage;-):

      I’d be glad to hear if you have the same questions and we’re all pretty
      used to ‘direct’ or ‘ouspoken’.

      Best wishes,

      p.s Nina just wrote a long series on anapanasati. Much of it is in (or
      will soon be in) the Useful Posts and you may wish to look at it. There
      will also be plenty more discussion from all sides when we get to the
      section on breath in the Satipatthana Sutta discussions.

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