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14108Re: [dsg] Awareness (was, ADL ch. 13 (1))

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  • goglerr
    Jul 2 5:24 AM
      Hi Jon,

      > In a message dated 7/1/02 3:27:18 AM Eastern Daylight Time,
      > jonoabb@y... writes:
      > > I think you are saying that because the citta and its object
      changes very rapidly, awareness cannot keep up with it. (This
      perhaps forms the basis of the attraction to the 'slowing down'

      G: I didn't mean the 'slowing down' approach from this aspect. I was
      only refering to bodily movement (of course, on certain time!)

      > > As I see it, there is no need for awareness to 'keep up with' the
      changing object. We agree that the goal is awareness of different
      realities, each to be known as it is. To my understanding, though,
      this does not mean awareness of all realities all the time, nor does
      it mean awareness of but a single moment of a dhamma (these would be
      things that only the likes of a Buddha could accomplish). Nor does
      it mean necessarily awareness of different dhammas successively.

      > > If there are moments of awareness of a single dhamma, then it
      doesn't matter whether these are in isolation or are part of other
      moments of awareness.
      G: Of course in our daily life, we cannot have sati to be the all the
      time. As u said , and I agree, that there are isolated moments of
      sati. And I personally too, try to mindful throughout day, and as I
      experience isolated moments and I find that it's wonderful and have
      much benefit. Didn't the Buddha said that sati is helpful everywhere?

      I see it that we are looking at different aspect and different
      emphasis. On my sharing, I was focusing on 'formal meditation' - as
      in 'formal sitting and walking'. I do them to whenever I have the
      time, and I find that a succesion, a continouity of sati, for a
      period of time, more profound and clearer dhamma are presented. I not
      trying to compare with biasness but a matter of explanation and
      understanding. They are from my personal experience that I share.
      > > As I've said above, we are not trying to 'catch' an individual
      moments of citta or its object, so the speed of change is not a
      > >

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