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137528Re: References to beings in the texts must be similes or metaphors?

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  • ptaus1
    Aug 19, 2014
      Hi Jon,
      > Jon: I would regard the texts of the Pali Canon as being the work of a person with understanding :-))... pt: Thanks for your reply, I understand now.
      Could you perhaps say more on how you understand the connection between 'hearing dhamma at a level one can understand' and usage of 'correct concepts'? My thinking here is that accumulations in sanna give predisposition to considering things conceptually in a certain way, so there are for each person some concepts that are more "correct" than others, in the sense that thinking in "correct terms" is more likely to happen in moments of pariayatti. E.g. one might think of "no-self" in a moment with panna, while another might think of "not-self" with panna, and both moments would be correct, or pariyatti, despite "using" different concepts, but there would never be any thinking of this in French with panna, since well, there are no accumulations in sanna for French (at least as far as this example goes).
      Best wishes pt

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