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137523Re: Seeing - where is it?

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  • Azita Gill
    Aug 18, 2014
      Hallo Rob,

      R: when you say that the passada rupa is a name for the 5 physical sense
      organs, what is meant in that sentence by the "organs"?

      A: if there were no passada rupa, which is conditioned by kamma, then there
      would be no hearing for an example. There may well be an ear but no
      hearing. Same for the other senses.

      R: does 'organ' stand in for ear-base, or is the organ/passada rupa a rupa
      that denotes the 'ear in some way, the location of the ear-base?

      A: pardon me, but personally, I think you are tying yourself in knots or
      maybe you're tying me in knots :)) I see it as for the purpose of
      understanding present realities, e.g. hearing (citta) arises at ear-base
      (passada rupa) to experience sound (arammana)
      Now it appears, on the conceptual level, that sound is heard by the ear,
      but I have been told that when sound is actually experienced as a reality
      there is no concept of location.

      patience, courage and good cheer,

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