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136518Kaya-vitekka and citta-vitekka

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  • philofillet
    May 15, 2014
      Dear Nina---- I was reading a sutta in which the English word seclusion was praised, that one who is secluded knows things as they really are etc. of course looking at it today the idea that physical seclusion in itself would mean better unerstanding seems a bit bizarre but I see that the commentarial note (at least the one selected by BB) does indeed say that it is referring to kaya-vtekka. I think there is also citta--vitekka, is there a different commentary that refers to citta vitekka rather than kaya-vitekka. (I know that we have both acknowledged that early in the morning when it is quiet and one is alone there seems to be better conditions to reflect on Dhamma, but that sort of thing is surely not what is meant by the sutta, is it? Thanks Nina. ---- Phil

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