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136514Re: [dsg] Re: Once upon a Time, Ch 2 , no 11

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  • epsteinrob
    May 14, 2014
      Hi Nina, and Sarah.

      > S: ....and when there is more understanding that it's only seeing and thinking, hearing and thinking and so on now, nothing in the past to have regret about at all and nothing in the future to long for.... "just like now'!
      N: I listened to an old recording, K.K. (2007) when Lodewijk was so upset that when we asked Acharn about a dear friend's cremation, Kh Charupan, how it was, she answered: just like now. But she explained that it is like seeing that falls away, hearing that falls away. All realities arise for a short moment and then fall away.

      RE: That actually is quite excellent. Of course one would have to face the fact that even what we are treasuring at the moment through sanna and attachment is also just that way. That's not so easy. I kind of like my cats! [Not to mention my family.]

      N: Later on the <just like now> became more meaningful to me. Life is just one moment, seeing, hearing, thinking. But one has to be courageous to accept this, and, cittas are not always cheerful, and brave. At times we find it all very acceptable, at times it is not so easy to swallow.

      RE: Not very easy to swallow, when we think about our house and family and favorite activities. In the "story" of my house, we waited for over a decade to find something, and now we finally have a house, so in that story the house is very important and special. When I think of it just arising as a thought over and over again -- not so special!

      I could go through the inventory and think about all the stories that make up "the story of Robert" and how attached I am to all of them -- I'm an acting teacher, a musician -- "I, I, I." You can see how it's all attachment and dreaming.

      Rob E.

      = = = = = = = = = =

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