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136512Re: audio Oct 2009, on kamma.

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  • epsteinrob
    May 14, 2014
      Hi Sarah.
      >R: I will have to take a look at the categories of pannati - that will be a good place for me to see how the very existence of objects is directly dismissed. Meanwhile: thinking, thinking, thinking, which is already in progress...
      S: Objects experienced can be either concepts or realities. Concepts, by definition, is "a notion or idea". It can be an idea about a reality, such as seeing or hearing or an idea about another idea. ...

      RE: Thank you for this and for Jon's exposition.

      Jon and CMA:
      Concepts are twofold ...
      Concept as ‘that which is made known’; these are
      called ‘meaning concepts’ or ‘concepts-as-meanings’
      (attha-pannatti), and
      Concept as ‘that which makes known’: these are called
      ‘name concepts’ or ‘concepts-as-names’


      To summarise:
      Although concepts are not real and cannot be the
      object of satipatthana, it is helpful to know more
      about them, so that they are not taken for realities.< end Jon's post>

      RE: I would just add that concepts can also be quite important in moving the understanding to pariyatti so that dhammas can be appreciated for what they are when experienced more directly.

      Rob E.

      = = = = = = = =

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