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136502Re: TA: visible object

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  • sarahprocterabbott
    May 14, 2014
      Hi Alberto & all,

      Thx for your transcriptions.

      > A: "......it doesn't mean that we really understand it; but if we ask and talk, and discuss more, until there's the understanding: 'quite true, about that'. "

      S: Yes, I think the asking, talking, discussing, questioning, as we do here, until there really is an understanding that what is heard or read is 'quite true, about that" is very important.

      Tam has mentioned some new Vietnamese friends will be joining our discussions and I look forward to discussing the basic and essential points with them, such as "what is dhamma/reality now?", "what is seen?", "who or what sees?"... Without the questioning and discussing about life at this moment, nothing else can be understood.



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