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  • sarahprocterabbott
    May 14, 2014
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      Hi Azita,

      >A: A comment on "the fruits of abstention from the opportunity for negligence
      due to liquor etc…".
      I think we can see in our own communities the results of alcohol and
      drug-taking, and the frightful actions committed by persons intoxicated
      with alcohol or drugs or worse, both.
      Madness follows almost as sure as day follows night!

      Thanks Sarah, it makes for up-lifting reading. When I woke this morning I
      thought of my fairly recent past of dope smoking and drinking and bemoaned
      the waste of time, until I remembered that just regretting past events was
      akusala and they cannot be undone, but can be good reminders to never 'go
      there again' - and of course, that depends on many conditions.
      S: Yes and I think this is why we give reminders to anyone who may listen. I've had the occasional useful chat with a niece or fellow swimmers or other friends on the topic. As all the surveys and quizes in places like Australia indicate, almost everyone underestimates the effects of their drinking alcohol in particular. A little seems not to cause any harm, but it leads to another little and so on.

      I forget if you were with us in Lumbini one time when a Thai lady brought up the topic and said she just drank a little wine for health benefits and didn't think it did any harm. Ajahn talked about the danger of accumulating the taste and habit.

      Anyway, not a rule, as Dieter says.... and that can be understanding anytime at all.

      >A:Reading what you have written, I think, is a good condition for abstention.
      Dhammadharo often reminded us about the madness that surely followed the
      taking of intoxicants.

      S: I think avoidance is much easier.... no dilemmas, no thinking about whether to have a little or not.... enough madness already!


      p..s Sundara said he's planning to join us in Bkk end Sept with Tadao.

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