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  • sarahprocterabbott
    May 14, 2014
      Dear Sukin, Nina, Azita & Phil,
      >>Suk Hope you have a happy and productive time.
      > Please send my regards to all our Vietnamese friends.
      >N: I join Sukin in his good wishes, and also warmest regards to Acharn and our Thai friends. I will be thinking of you all,
      S: Thank you all for your good wishes and of course we'll be glad to pass on your warm regards. I'm sure the discussions will be very beneficial for everyone and we'll be assisting Ajahn as best we can. Sorry none of you were able to join us. Keep up the posting!

      From Hong Kong it's a very short flight, closer than Bangkok, but a different world - or so it seems.

      Seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, touching as usual, but now thinking about the 'tranquil sights' and beautiful beach, back to the Vietnam War, as we're staying on what was China Beach (now Da Nang Beach). These days the main local concerns are about the Chinese oil-rig installation, not far from here at all.

      Always something to think about, to worry about and always conditions to forget about seeing now, hearing now, one universe at a time now!

      A couple of days of rest and 'catch-up' before greatly looking forward to meeting Tam & Mai for lunch and then the Thai group a little later on Friday!

      Many people have also told us about the Buddhist processions, lanterns, visiting of temples (as Tam said) and so on during the Buddhist holiday (Wesak). Interesting!

      Extremely hot here (big contrast to cool, grey, very heavy rain in Hong Kong before we left).... evening and cooler now, so we can go for a swim. I burnt my feet on the sand earlier! More variegated cittas, more stories about more rupas.



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