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136490TA: seeing

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  • sprlrt
    May 14, 2014
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      2014-02-01.mp3 21m

      Ann: You talked about the need to discuss and consider
      Than Acharn: more and more
      A: what is seeing
      TA: so that there can be a little more understanding of seeing, little by little, accumulated, until it's time to understand seeing, just by conditions, little by little again, and to go on, little by little again :), all the time, just one moment at a time
      A: and the more understanding there is of seeing, even at pariyatti level, would perhaps lead to less attachment... more detachment...
      TA: and ... at that very moment there's no idea whether it's pariyatti or patipatti - just listen and understand whether it's true or not, and when it's true it's collected, accumulated - no expectations, until there are conditions to begin to understand directly the characteristic of that which sees - just a moment of seeing; why do we talk much about a moment of seeing - because, for kusala, in a process, seven moments at a time, but for this just one, in a process - who knows?
      So if there's no understanding about seeing and visible object, it's impossible to became detached from taking it for that which is permanent; that's why we talked about uppatti and nibbatti, this morning we also talked about that, just to understand how life goes on without understanding of a moment of seeing; it seems like now, there are several moments at a time, uncountable, but actually - actually, in truth, just one moment of seeing; so how much to be known about seeing and that which is seen, otherwise there's no understanding to see the distinction between seeing and the idea of seeing something, like now, see, but by understanding: one moment of seeing cannot be anything like table and things, just one moment, so now there must be many many moments of seeing - and not only seeing, also many many moments of thinking too.

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