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134410Re: [dsg] Q. Jataka commentaries?

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  • philofillet
    Dec 21, 2013
      Dear Nina---N: "We have to know whom Kh Sujin is addressing. Rob K has read and studied a lot (see his website Abhidhamma Vipassanaa), has listened to Kh Sujin a lot, so, for him he knows that Dhamma is everywhere." Ph: Maybe this is what it comes down to. I want to hear the theoretical teaching more to understand theotetically *about* how dhammas are everywhere. There are not conditions for me to be inclined towards understanding the present reality so there would just be thinking about understanding the present reality hich I'm not really interested in, perhaps wisely understanding that it would be about *my* understanding more than it is when there is reflection on how dhammas function, period, full stop. I'm not interestedin my dhammas- well, of course that's all I'm intetested in, and all it would be for me if I shared your keen interest in the present reality. That will come some day, or it won't, no saying, anatta. Maybe that's all I can say on this whole topic for now. I have some awareness of the intensity of greed and know that it would apply to satipatthana as well. Too soon for satipatthana for me. If you say that is trying *not* to have awareness of the oresent reality you might be right but all I can say is I'm not interested in considering/studying the present reality. Moments of intetest may come, an ongoing enthusiasm may come, we shall see. ^_^ We'll see if that is my last word on this before KK, I think it might be. No way to tell! -------Phil
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