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  • moult_rob
    Dec 21, 2013

      Hi Jon and Ken H,

      Sorry for the delayed reply; I was travelling and wanted to return home to be able to consult Bhikkhu Bodhi and what he reports from the commentaries on this Sutta. Here are Bhikkhu Bodhi's notes:


      The purification of vision (dassana) usually means the attainment of stream-entry, the gaining of “the vision of the Dhamma” (dhammacakkhu). Here, however, the qualification “well purified” (suvisuddham) seems to imply that the question concerns the path to arahantship. It is so taken by [the commentary]. [The commentary] says that all the bhikkhus who replied were arahants; they answered in accordance with their own method of practice. The inquirer was dissatisfied with the reply of the first because it mentioned the formations only partially (pandesasankharesu thatva); he was dissatisfied with the other replies because they seemed to contradict each other.


      Based on this, I have the impression that my interpretation of this sutta finds some support from Bhikkhu Bodhi and the commentaries.

      I acknowledge that your "non-practice" interpretation of this sutta is also a valid perspective. I appreciate your comments; I find it valuable to challenge my own preconceptions... as long as we keep ourselves grounded in the texts.


      Rob M :-)

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