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134397Re: [dsg] Q. Jataka commentaries? Part 4

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  • philofillet
    Dec 19, 2013
      Hi Ken H -----KH: I think the point was that satipatthana applies to the present moment. If we are thinking of Dhamma study as something that applies to future understanding then we have missed that point. Ph: Right, well said. Of course anything any conxept can be the object of a dhamma performing the function of thinking. But dhammas accompanied by saddha may arise that are confident that the teachings of the Buddha and the great Ariyans are more suppportive of bhavana than any other teaching. Dhammas performing the funxtion of thinking think about future understanding, sure, just like they think about realities *now* ( which are concepts thought about now, not realities that are the object of satipatthana---Phil p.s tganks also Sukin, haven't reas your post yet.
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