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134395Re: [dsg] Pariyatti, was:The Rise of Bodhiology

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  • epsteinrob
    Dec 19, 2013
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      Hi Sarah and Phil, and all.

      ---In dhammastudygroup@{{emailDomain}}, <sarahprocterabbott@...> wrote:

      The object of pariyatti is a concept about what appears now. 

      The object of patipatti is the reality itself (or nimitta of that reality) which appears now.

      RE: Great, Sarah, thanks very much.  Exactly what I was hoping to affirm [or negate.]  That gives a very clear distinction, and of course makes sense to the progression from understanding the idea of realities now nice and clear so you do know what's going on and what the appropriate object is for understanding; and then the direct ability to see what is there itself, which is beyond the concept, however correct it has gotten.

      S: Yes, the understanding has to become firmer and firmer, closer and closer to directly understand the reality itself.  

      Now I would like to re-explore how pariyatti leads to accumulations that allow for patipatti to develop.  If you could say something about that progression, I would appreciate it.



      Rob E.

      = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

      ---In dhammastudygroup@{{emailDomain}}, <philco777@...> wrote:

      Hi all---- just dashing to work, but if I understand correctly Ajahn says the difference between pariyatti and patipati is that the latter is firmer. 
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