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134388Jataka commentaries? Part 4

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  • sarah abbott
    Dec 18, 2013
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      Dear Friends,

      continuing from the 2009 discussion in Bkk with Rob K, A.Sujin and others of us.

      Sar: I think the point is that we all have different accumulations, so we pick up different books and have different interests and these change from moment to moment. When we go home, we don't know whether we'll pick up a Dhamma book or lie down and have a sleep or chat to a friend. We never know about the accumulation from moment to moment. The point is it's only ever the present object which can be known.

      The development of panna doesn't depend on the situation or activity. So if someone doesn't like reading Jataka stories or doesn't find it helpful, I wouldn't try to persuade them that they should like them, because people just have different interests.

      R: My accumulations are to try to persuade them.

      S: That can be known too - that's a reality.

      B: Proselytizing!

      S: That's a reality too. There can be kusala too, because you're trying to share what you find helpful. K.Sujin as talking yesterday about how whatever one reads, if understanding is developing, anything one reads, anything one hears can be condition for sati and panna. So one thinks less and less in terms of 'this is Dhamma so it's useful' and 'that is not Dhamma, so it's not useful'.

      R: No need for the books so much, it's more the daily life then. Is that right?

      A Sujin: It doesn't matter at all as long as they are all realities which are conditioned. So just understand whatever appears. It's time to see, it sees, it's conditioned to see right now. It's time to think, it thinks. It's time to be angry, it's anger, not self who is angry.
      to be contd


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