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134383Jataka commentaries? Part 2

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  • sarah abbott
    Dec 18, 2013
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      Dear Friends,

      continuing the discussion, Oct 2009 with Rob K, Ajahn Sujin and others of us.
      R: For me, when I read the Jatakas, it's also an inspiration. It's not just that I'm aware of citta or cetasika or nama-rupa, there's also inspiration for the moral story.

      Suk: And I could be inspired from watching a film.

      R: So you see no difference?

      Suk: Kusala is kusala.

      Betty: Anything can be a condition for understanding to arise.

      R: I see Tipitaka and commentary as being special - more likely to condition kusala and understanding than other stories about novels, TV or something. Does it mean satipatthana can arise anytime, understanding can arise anytime, but nevertheless the commentaries, the stories about kamma and vipaka…

      A.Sujin: By then panna can understand what can condition such moments to read this or that.

      Sar: Doen't it come back again to this moment? If at this moment we're reading a fashion magazine, then it depends on the accumulated panna at this moment as to whether there is any understanding of realities. It's not a matter of going to or thinking one has to open a Jataka rather than a fashion magazine, otherwise it's selecting again.

      AS: Yes and there's the tendency to judge instead of understanding what has happened and appears right then.

      R:  But I wonder if you equate fashion magazine and Bible and Jataka commentary stories - it seems….

      AS: At the moment of picking one, it means one can understand one's accumulations right then. That's all. Not self. Coming back to annataness and not-self.
      to be contd