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128486Re: A Female Buddha

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  • connie
    Dec 29 5:46 PM
      hi, Dieter,

      > c: speaking of not recognizing them, check out this entry on the 'silent' paccekabuddhas! http://www.palikanon.de/english/pali_names/ku/khaggavisaana.htm
      > {khaggavisaana: (rhino) with a sword-like horn} i don't recall a single solitary female buddha story/mention.

      D: thanks for the link

      "The Commentary (SNA.i.46ff) divides the sutta into four vaggas and gives each a separate name (except the first), the name being generally derived from the first word of the stanza. It is said that the Buddha preached the Khaggavisana Sutta in response to a question asked of him by Ananda regarding the attainment of Enlightenment by Pacceka Buddhas; the Buddha gave details of their abhinihara and patthana, and illustrated them by reciting to Ananda stanzas which had been uttered by Pacceka Buddhas of old on various occasions and at different periods as their paeans of joy (udana)."

      Reading a.m. sutta I can't see the connection Pacceka Buddha,

      rather adressing the truthseeker: to rely on one's own, the solitude (so often emphasised) ..the metaphor of the rhino..it was the way , Prince Gotama chose, wasn't it?
      Are those adressed not already taught ..and by that not developing the truth by themselves alone anymore?

      connie: yes, missing the whole pacceka buddha connection without the Commentary to point it out to us was my point. I’m not understanding your questions, though, sorry.


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